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When choosing your Christmas lights this year, make sure you’re prepared. How many lights do I need? What colour would look best in my living room? How will I attach the lights to my roof?

These are all question you must think about before going out to buy your lights, but follow this guide and you will be fine.

Plenty of Lights for your Tree

For a standard, 6ft Christmas tree, you will need at least 250 lights, adding an extra 50-100 lights for every 6-8 inches after that. This ensures your tree is well covered, and looks great, without over crowding it and weighing it down.

-> Out favourite set of lights are the traditional LED 250 Supabright MultiAction Lights that look fantastic in any home.

Power Supplies

Make sure you have enough power supplies near your tree, and that you do not overload extension leads. If possible have your lights plugged straight into the main socket. Energy efficient lights should be considered if you would like to save on the electricity bill.

Types of Lights

There are plenty to choose from, but don’t worry, out staff will always be around to give you advice on the best lights for your situation.

LED Lights

Really energy efficient, coming in a wide range of colours and settings, the LED lights are now the most popular choice. No more hunting for, and finding that one broken bulb!


Icicle Lights

Hanging LED lights with a twinkling effect, the Icicles are a really stylish range, and are perfect for hanging outside, from roofs or garden fences. They come in many colours, with sizes ranging from 120 bulbs, to 720+.


Rope Lights

These are compact, hard plastic rope lights, that allow you to create many wonderful shapes and designs, giving you another dynamic in creating your perfect Christmas display.

Globe Bulb Lights

These large bulbs really stand out, and produce a great amount of light. They come in several sizes and clusters.

Speciality Christmas Lights

These are a wide selection of the random shapes and sizes, all Christmas themed, making your display very original.



Installing Your Christmas Lights

If you are decorating your tree with lights, then all you need to do is measure the distance from the tree to the socket, and make sure that the “excess cable length” on the packet is enough to reach.

However when installing lights outside, make sure you follow these safety instructions:

  1. Measure everything before your start
  2. You do not want to be half way up the ladder, trying to stretch that little bit extra from your lights, becuase that’s when accidents happen. Be fully prepared with plenty of excess cable to give you plenty of breathing space when installing your lights.


Extensions leads, a strong ladder, and a bucket to hold your other tools, such as clips, the lights, and anything you are using to install the lights is advised.

You can see our full range here: Sapcote Garden Centre Christmas Lights

You’ve installed your Christmas lights, what now?

Time to decorate the rest of your home!

With Christmas decorations, artificial trees, holly wreaths, and if you haven’t bought your real tree yet, then hurry!

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