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Why do Christmas trees lose their needles?

The trees lose their needles because a gaseous hormone called ethylene is produced, similar to the reaction of bananas when going ripe.

—> You can keep your tree healthy by giving it a fresh cut off the stump (1 inch from the last is advised), and placing it into water immediately, maintaining the water level for the whole season.

—> Also try and keep the temperature near the tree cooler than the rest of your house, by keeping it away from radiators, and placing as far away from the kitchen as possible.

Which Christmas Trees don’t drop their needles?

While all trees eventually drop their needles, the Nordman Fir Christmas tree holds onto its needles longer than any other variety, and is the best selling tree at Sapcote Garden Centre.

Which Christmas Tree smells the best?

The Norway Spruce has the classic “Christmas” scent, and is a lovely traditional shaped tree. They tend to be slightly narrower than the Nordman, however do tend to drop their needles sooner.

What is the most popular real Christmas tree?

The most popular Christmas tree, as previously stated, is the Nordman Fir. With thick, fleshy needles, and a lovely dark green colour, these trees really stand out from the rest, and with the added bonus of barely dropping any needles, they are the best choice for your tree this year.

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