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Plants are what we love best, and we have a huge selection of quality plant for you to choose from.


Alpines, also known as rock plants, are more use to been up a mountain than in Leicestershire gardens, but they are a great plant of have. They are generally quite tough little plants that can survive our turbulent weather conditions.…

Bedding Plants

Bedding plants, also know as annuals are so called as they generally will flower once in their lifetime. They tend to have brightly coloured flowers, and are what most people will be familiar with when you talk about garden plants.…


Climbers as the name suggest like go up, up and up. Usually they will grow much more vigerously than other plants, and will wrapped themselves around whatever is near by. This makes them perfect for climbing up a piece of…


Conifers have a bad reputation in the garden due to the notorious leylandii and neighbour disputes. Look past that and you have a great range of plants which are great on their own, or as a backdrop for the other…


Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs

Hedging Plants


Perennials are the plants which every year grow, flower, die back down to almost nothing, and then repeat the cycle the following year. Shrubs technically are perennials too, but generally when we talk about perennials we mean non woody plants.…



Shrubs are a great place to start when planning out a new garden. They will tend to be the biggest plants you will buy (in the absence of trees), and so getting them first, you can then plan around them.…


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