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Sapcote Garden Centre in Leicester is very easy to find. We are based in Sapcote, near Hinckley, just off the M69 (Junction 2). Travelling from Leicester, head south on the B4114, drive past Enderby, Narborough and Croft and turn off to Sapcote or Stoney Stanton. From Nuneaton, head down the A5 and turn off through Hinckley and Burbage. It is also very easy to find us if you are travelling through Broughton Astley - we are very close!

Directions to Sapcote Garden Centre

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Garden Furniture Sale in Leicester

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Outdoor Furniture

Furniture at Sapcote

We have a huge range of garden furniture here at Sapcote, from rattan dining sets, to wooden benches, garden relaxer chairs and swings. If you cannot make it in, and would rather buy our furniture online, then you can visit Gardencentreshopping for the full range.

Bay Trees New for 2014

Bay Trees - Sapcote Garden Centre in Leicester

Gravel and Compost


We have a huge range of gravel and compost ready for this spring!

Our Compost Varieties

We stock all major brands and varieties of compost, including: Miracle Gro, Levingtons, Westland, as well as Peat Free Compost, Moisture Control, and Ericaceous. For more detailed information, see our Garden Compost and Mulch Product Page, or see our price catalogue below.

Gravels, Grit, Slate and Sand

We have the single largest retail selection of slate and gravel in our area, with over 40 varieties, including Slate, Pea Gravel, Cobbles, Pebbles, Loose Rocks, Builders Sand, Fine Sand and much more. Visit our Gravel and Stone page for more info, or look in our price catalogue below.

Take a look at our dedicated page for gravel and compost and see our fantastic prices.


Patio ponds

You don't need to have masses of space to enjoy the beauty and movement of a water feature. Even if all you've got is a patio in Leicester, you can still have a pond: just build one in a half-barrel container.

You'll find rustic half-barrels available year-round at our garden centre. On…

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Plant of the Week: Bamboo

Plant of the Week: Bamboo

It's no wonder bamboos are a garden designer's favourite. Tall and willowy, they have an entrancing habit of swaying and whispering in the slightest breeze. They make delicate screens to block out unwelcome eyesores; and best of all, they're easy to grow and very low-maintenance.

The larger, vigorous bamboos have a bad reputation, so avoid these and stick to the better-behaved clump-forming types like Fargesia murielae, with arching sprays of foliage, and the leafy evergreen Chusquea culeou, or Chilean bamboo. The Phyllostachys family come in a dazzling range of colours: P. nigra has stems of moody black while P. aureosulcata f. aureocaulis is rich buttery yellow. 

Winter Plug Plants

Our winter plug plants will soon be available to pre-order on our webshop:

Winter Plug Plants are now available!

We have a great range of winter plugs for you to purchase, which can all be found and bought online from our online store,

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Cyclamen Bedding Plants

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Trim hedges

Give hedges one last trim before the end of the year, to give the new young growth time to mature and harden before the first frosts. Deciduous hedges can be cut back hard, but go easy on conifers: if you cut into brown wood they won't grow back.